Monday, May 7, 2012

Adding the Bling

Custom painted furniture is a bit trickier than doing my own 'thang'.  It requires me to be meticulous, of which I am rarely accused of being!  I want it my customer to say the words, "It's perfect," and it makes me push beyond my boundaries of 'good enough'.  Not that I do shoddy work when I'm working on my own pieces, but it allows me to be more creative.  I've heard it said before, "There are no mistakes in painting distressed pieces" and I would hold true to that.  Some of the best pieces I've turned out were the ones that I allowed myself to say, "I wonder what happens when...."

A dear client called me to paint her dresser for her unborn baby boy.  He is due in August and she was ready to make over his new digs.  She is going with a nautical theme and wanted me to paint her 50's dresser to look more nautical.  Here is the before:

Several pulls missing and screaming to be made over for sure!  Add a navy blue and ''nautical'' happens in the blink of an eye! (or...more like several days in a hot garage!)

But here is where the need to be exact comes pulls mean new holes!  Let's just say I'm not exact on this type of thing.....EVER!!!  I have used everything BUT a ruler to measure things, all the way down to Luke Skywalker action figure to give me "exact measurements" for pictures being hung in a grid pattern! (I turned him vertical and horizontal to hang these pictures in my boys' old room)  This, however, was going to call for more than exact measurements than Luke.  Then I found this:

Liberty Cabinet and Drawer Installation Template

Alas, today I will conquer!  I WILL be able to be perfect!  Hope and pray that words do not spew from my mouth that shouldn't and that by tomorrow I will be able to show you the final product!  

Until next time!


  1. Did you paint the turquoise/greenish table in the top picture? Wow - it looks awesome and I need a lesson!

    1. I did paint the table in the top picture; it was a fun piece to do and, as always, no mistakes! ;)